Occuprint collects, prints and distributes posters from the worldwide Occupy movement. more about us...


Do you want to support Occuprint? We can accept donations through our fiscal sponsor, the radical publisher and media collective Autonomedia. Donations through Paypal will be sent directly to their non-profit organization.

It is possible to make tax-deductible charitable donations, but not through Paypal. Instead, you will have to mail us a check directly. If this is important to you, contact us for details.

Why do we need money?

We want to continue printing and distributing these posters for the Occupy movement. Occuprint is entirely volunteer-run, and donations will cover just the costs of printing and shipping as well as occasional minor costs associated with events and the website.

Fundraising Status (as of March 12, 2012)
$4,590Total donations
-$123Paypal's cut
-$223Autonomedia's 4%
-$570Postage and Shipping
-$335Loewestein's Print
-$86printing supplies
-$1,300Clotfelter printing
-$2,700General Strike Printing
-$233printing for crit event and design charrette
-$308sticker printing
$7,169current total of money spent
$2,580overspent, waiting for more donations to reimburse expenses

Thanks to our donors!

Prince of Prints

Occupied Wall Street Journal

Occuprint Partisan

Jeffrey Levy-Hinte (NY, NY)

Occuprint Steward

Shanti Carson (Brooklyn, NY)
Diane Kamp (Big Timber, MT)
Matthew Bond (Washington, DC)

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