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The Occupied Wall Street Journal Issue 4 Poster Folio

The Occupied Wall Street Journal collaborated with Occuprint to produce a poster folio as their fourth issue. We printed 20,000 copies to be distributed throughout our movement. If you get your hands on one, please use it. Hang up posters and help us make this movement more visible in physical spaces, not just virtual ones.

Download the posters from the issue here.

If you have good distribution ideas for us, please get in touch.

Distribution Sites

San Fransisco
Modern Times Bookstore (2919 24th St)

Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Toledo

Lawrence, Kansas

Portland, OR

Madison, Milwauke

Sante Fe, NM

Pittsburgh, PA

St Louis, MO

Boston, Mass, Connecticut

Oakland, CA

Chattanooga, TN

Chicago, IL

New Orleans, LA

Seattle, WA

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