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Sandy Relief Resources

For more information about the efforts of Occupy Sandy and how to get involved, visit this site.

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Sandy Relief Bulletin

Sandy Relief Resources

Faced with the devastation left in Superstorm Sandy's path, Occuprint edited, assembled and produced a relief bulletin with a broad range of resources to empower New York communities as they recover from the storm. Like all resources on this site, you are free to download, print and distribute the bulletin. In fact, we encourage it!

We have printed several thousand copies of the bulletin and they started being distributed in affected New York neighborhoods on November 7, 2012.

The bulletin covers:

  1. Disaster Unemployment
  2. Staying Warm
  3. Emergency SNAP Benefits
  4. FEMA Disaster Relief
  5. Clearning Up
  6. NY is Hiring!
  7. Shelters and Care
  8. Food and Supplies

There's also sudoku to help pass the time.

Download the bulletin: Sandy Relief Bulletin (en Espaņol; small version)

Sandy Relief Bulletin #02

Our second bulletin was published November 15. In it, you will find information about:

  1. Disaster Unemployment Insurance
  2. Using EBT (Food Stamps) without Electricity
  3. Emergency SNAP Benefits
  4. FEMA Individuals and Households Program
  5. Map and List of Supply Hubs , Food Stations, Shelters, Medical Care & More (Rockaways map in a separate file)

Download the bulletin: Sandy Relief Bulletin #02 (small version)

Safe Flood Clean-Up Flyer

Safe Flood Clean-Up

If your home was flooded during the storm, there are a number of dangers to beware of as you clean up. This one-page flyer gives safety tips about what to do and what you'll need as you go about cleaning up after flooding.

Stay safe!

Download the flyer: Safe Flood Cleanup

Please let us know how we can improve these resources.

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